The Queen, or Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second

queen elizabethQueen Elizabeth commands tens of thousands and lays up to 2,000 eggs a day? That might be an editing error. Dan Graur, a biologist in Houston, discovered that Reuters News Service once required that all stories about “the queen” should henceforth refer to her majesty as Queen Elizabeth. Thus, instead of “the queen and her horse boarded the queen’s yacht,” reporters must write “Queen Elizabeth and her horse boarded Queen Elizabeth’s yacht.”  Well, that’s good, respectful policy. In theory. In practice, it threw a spanner in the works.

Soon after setting the standard, Reuters ran this cock up:

queen and reuters

If you’re not able to read the science news piece above, it says in part:

With its highly evolved social structure of tens of thousands of worker bees commanded by Queen Elizabeth, the honey bee genome could also improve the search for genes linked to social behavior.

Queen Elizabeth has 10 times the lifespan of workers and lays up to 2,000 eggs a day. Despite having tiny brains, honey bees display honed cognitive abilities and learn to associate a flower’s color, shape and scent with food, which increases its foraging ability.

Queen Elizabeth has 10 times the lifespan of workers?  I guess that depends on their type of work. Nevertheless, she will outlived a lot of us.  Today (April 21) marks her majesty’s 90th birthday. Grand celebrations are sweeping the Commonwealth as royalists pay homage to the lucky lady who has (as Reuters says in their piece, above) a genome that could improve the search for genes linked to social behaviour. Jolly good of her.

QE II hat-2

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Ron Miksha is a bee ecologist working at the University of Calgary. He is also a geophysicist and does a bit of science writing and blogging. Ron has worked as a radio broadcaster, a beekeeper, and Earth scientist. (Ask him about seismic waves.) He's based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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3 Responses to The Queen, or Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second

  1. BeeNuts says:

    She had a short walk-about in town yesterday which is pretty good for a lady of 90!

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    • Miksha says:

      Lots of respect for her – a hard-working and steadfast character. May she live another 90 years! Forty years ago, Queen Elizabeth visited a small town in a remote part of Saskatchewan, Canada. It’s close to where I later had bees for ten years. When I go back to the area, people still talk about her journey to the town of Shaunavon. She made quite an impression on the folks there, especially when she praised the fine taste of the water in the town. For a short while, some local shopkeeper sold ‘The Queen’s Water’ in his store, though he bottled it directly from his own water tap.


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