Best Site for Beekeeping?

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Beesker, a website based in Cambridge has created a neat resource for all of us. The folks running it check out websites from around the world, looking for what they deem to be the best in a niche. For example, they picked a seriously good website about Humphrey Bogart which is produced by a company in New York City. Beesker tells us that someone namedΒ Deborah Mele has the best site about Italian Food. The NHL is selected as owners of the best Hockey website in the world. These choices are free of financial influence or bias. Instead, the goal of the company, Beesker, is simply to grow a large, reliable, interesting database of the best websites.

You may be wondering if Beesker has chosen a ‘best website in the world’ for beekeeping. They have, and you have seen the site at least once. I was surprised when they said this about our blog and its associated information. . . let me quote them: “We have selected Bad Beekeeping Blog as the world’s very best website on Bees and Beekeeping.” That’s a nice validation for our readers who wonder if they are wasting their time here instead of looking for something better. Apparently you have already hit the jackpot.

I’m a born skeptic. I was dubious when I got the message that we’d been selected. I was wondering what it would cost. When would the shoe drop? So I dug into Beesker, researching links, checking scam advisories, and trying to find something that would caution me. But it seems totally legit. Since then, I’ve browsed the Beesker place and enjoyed reading the backgrounds to favourite website authors and bloggers. So go ahead and add Beesker to your family of go-to sites when you’re looking stuff up.Β  Enjoy Beesker: The best of the web from Aardvarks to Zippers.

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There are undoubtedly better choices for beekeeping sites – I’ve seen many marvelous bee websites and blogs – a lot of them look better than this one. But we appreciate the notice. We work hard here on this blog/hobby, trying not to sell anyone on wild ideas or useless tools and equipment.Β  I can be brutally honest. This has earned me a few insults.Β  One notable zinger accused me of hiding anonymously behind a computer in a basement somewhere. My accuser didn’t like something I’d written.Β  I’m not hiding from anyone. You can look me up anytime you want – there’s only one ‘Ron Miksha’ in the world and this is he. If you go to the Beesker site for beekeeping, you’ll find more about me than most of my friends know.

I’m constantly looking for interesting stories that might have escaped notice and I’ve been doing my best to offer occasional bits of science to go with your morning oatmeal and honey. I’m attempting to run a helpful site, though you might find today’s post more self-aggrandizing than instructive. I hope not.Β  Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow with a post about installing replacement queens.

About Ron Miksha

Ron Miksha is a bee ecologist working at the University of Calgary. He is also a geophysicist and does a bit of science writing and blogging. Ron has worked as a radio broadcaster, a beekeeper, and Earth scientist. (Ask him about seismic waves.) He's based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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14 Responses to Best Site for Beekeeping?

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  2. Sonja Evans says:

    Congratulations, Ron! I’m pleased, and not a bit surprised, to read your news. I really enjoy your always interesting and well written posts! As a former member of the Calgary bee club, I’m also interested to hear what’s happening in the club. I’m looking forward to more of your excellent posts!!

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  3. Emily Scott says:

    It’s very well deserved Ron. I have got two-thirds of the way through your book now! So far I am amazed you are still alive after all those endless journeys driving bees about. The only beekeeping website I can think of that’s an equal to yours – and quite similar in the type of stories she shares – is Rusty’s at HoneyBeeSuite –


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  5. Garry neufeld says:

    certainly deserved, always enjoyable and informative. good job.

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  6. We join the chorus of congratulations. Most blogs either post frequently or post consistently interesting articles. Yours does both and deserves accolades for doing so.

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  7. Erik says:

    Very nice, Ron. Congrats! I’ve been behind on my posts, so just getting to this now. I very much enjoy your site (and you book :))

    Although, I notice the “Copyright 2016” at the bottom of this page. I guess it doesn’t relate to the bee content, so you should be okay.

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