Drones Deliver Beer

honey beer launch

Drones get no respect. If not accused of lounging around the hive, their mechanical doppelgängers get accused of corporate espionage because they spy into office windows. Finally, a people-friendly use for drones that makes sense. A Taiwanese brewery will use drones to deliver its Honey Beer brand to your next party (if it’s held on the island of Taiwan).

Using drones to delivery beer is an imaginative publicity stunt performed by Wunderman Taiwan, a promo-company that knows how to create a lot of buzz. A Wunderman VP (Jeff Wen) says it is hard to break a new product into the Taiwan market. It looks like they found a way. You can read more at this link –  Drone ‘Bees’ Deliver Honey Beer Brand to Taiwanese Office Workers – and here’s a video:


About Ron Miksha

Ron Miksha is a bee ecologist working at the University of Calgary. He is also a geophysicist and does a bit of science writing and blogging. Ron has worked as a radio broadcaster, a beekeeper, and Earth scientist. (Ask him about seismic waves.) He's based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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