De-stressing during the Oscars

Feeding Bees

In our continuing series on Oscar-winning beekeepers…

Leo says keeping bees reduces stress during the annual awards cycle. Funny, I find it helps me the exact same way.  Similarly, beekeeping seems to be a preferred pasttime for Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Martha Stewart, Bon Jovi, and a few other big names, as it once was for Henry Fonda and Mae West.

Beekeeping is the sensible thing to do to calm down during the tense Oscar Awards season. DiCaprio says he’s hooked on bees. Bees are good and can certainly be relaxing. But it would have been a bit unfortunate had he accepted his first little gold man Sunday night while sporting a swollen lip or bee-stung eyelid.

About Ron Miksha

Ron Miksha is a bee ecologist working at the University of Calgary. He is also a geophysicist and does a bit of science writing and blogging. Ron has worked as a radio broadcaster, a beekeeper, and Earth scientist. (Ask him about seismic waves.) He's based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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