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World’s Weirdest Beekeeping Family

You’ve probably known some weird beekeeping families – maybe you’re lucky enough to live in one. But someone out there is a member of the world’s creepiest beekeeping family. If you want to know more about the worst of the … Continue reading

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A One-Minute Mukibrain Bee Break

Here’s another delightful video from our friend at Mukibrain. Muki, a talented videographer, artist, film-maker, BMX acrobat (since age 12), and Cirque du Soleil performer, has a thing for flowers and bees. Tempo of Bees is a short and sweet … Continue reading

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World’s Sweetest Honey

The April 2017 issue of the world’s best bee magazine (American Bee Journal) published a piece written by your favourite bee-blogger (me).  My article is called America’s Sweetest Honey. In it, I describe why honey from different flowers tastes different. … Continue reading

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First Exit of Bumblebees (A Video)

Do you have a minute? You might enjoy this video, First exit of bumblebees, filmed (and scored) by Mukibrain. When he sent me his link, the producer wrote, “I would like to share with you the latest video by Mukibrain, … Continue reading

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A Century of Honey Songs

It’s Sunday morning, just a week before Christmas. I’m hoping that your bee work is done and you have some time to listen to a few tunes from honey-throated singers and sticky-fingered musicians. Our first gift to you is Flight … Continue reading

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Hate Nation’s Bees

I’m pretty fussy about the shows I catch. Unless they include bees – then I’ll watch almost anything. The folks over at the London School of Economics beekeeping site mentioned a British dystopian thriller, Black Mirror: Hated in the Nation. … Continue reading

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Good News: No Killer Bees at the Olympics

Whatever happened to the Killer Bees? Killer Bees – more accurately, hybrids of European and African honey bees – were supposed to destroy the world, or at least kill a lot of people trying. They started out in Brazil, not … Continue reading

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The Wonders of Beekeeping

I’m wondering if anyone reading this blog has seen a movie called The Wonders. It’s a beekeeping movie. Sort of. From what I’ve read about the film (and seen in the trailers) it appears to be an Italian Ulee’s Gold … Continue reading

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Bee Rustlers on the Rise

In the old days, cowboys occasionally stole cows. Horse thieves were sometimes hanged. Not always, though. Back in Val Marie, Saskatchewan, a cattle town that I lived in for ten years, there was a fellow named Joseph Ernest Nephtali Dufault … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes’ Birthday

Today, January 6,  is the fictional characters’ birthday. He would 162 years old, had he bothered to live so lived. In celebration of the great fictional detective’s fictional birthday, here’s a repeat of the piece I wrote to honour Sherlock … Continue reading

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