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Why do bumblebees follow ferries?

Originally posted on Prof. Jeff Ollerton – consultant ecological scientist and author:
A few years ago I mentioned in my post “Garlicky archipelago” that I had seen bumblebees (Bombus spp.) following the ferry from Southampton to the Isle of Wight,…

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A Lite Harvest from the FlowHive Super

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Originally posted on Adventures of a beekeeper:
After months and months and after harvesting almost 100 pounds from regular supers, I finally got a little honey from my FlowHive super. I didn’t have the full set-up, just the frames to…

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Drone Congregations

Originally posted on Bee-Nuts:
On summer afternoons scores of male bees (called drones) gather together in specific areas of the sky and wait for virgin queens to join them. When a queen does approach a spectacular chase begins which ends…

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Insect ID Workshop

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Originally posted on LSE Bees:
Can you spot anything wrong with the book cover shown below? (The answer is below the picture.) Yes, the insect in question is a fly, not a bee. In a similar vein, a Guardian article about bees published…

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Identifying the “Wild Bees” in John Clare’s poem – UPDATED

Originally posted on Prof. Jeff Ollerton – consultant ecological scientist and author:
John Clare is one of the most celebrated English poets of rural landscapes and nature in the 19th century. To quote his biographer, Clare was “the greatest labouring-class poet that…

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Say, Have You Heard About That Thermosolar Hive?

Originally posted on The Prospect of Bees:
Picture from The fundraising effort for this new hive technology is not flooding the internet as the FlowHive did, perhaps because there is no dramatic visual like the infamous pancake video. Just…

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Originally posted on Bee-Nuts:
Guerrilla gardening must be the most benign form of environmental protest; just find some under-utilised land and plant some flowers. So much more constructive than the vandalism embraced by some eco-warriors. Aside from the obvious pun,…

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