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Bees learn to drive tiny cars

I wouldn’t believe this if I had seen it with my own eyes! Sam Droege, bee scientist extraordinaire, has a USGS Flickr website populated with great bee photographs. Last week, somewhere around April first, Sam posted the results of some … Continue reading

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A Bee ID Expert

How well do you know bees? Not just honey bees, but all the other ones – masons, carpenters, diggers, sweat, cutters, bumblers, and the other many thousands of species. If you are like most of us, not so well. There’s … Continue reading

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Too Close?

Today I have a photo essay for you. These are fantastic close-ups of honey bees – maybe too close for some people. All of these pictures are from the United States Geological Survey. As such, they are in the public … Continue reading

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Bees: The World’s Pollinators

There are thousands of species of bees in the world. Our favourite, the honey bee, is just one of the estimated 25,000.  It’s not even the cutest, friendliest, or most interesting. Those qualities go to some fascinating creatures you will … Continue reading

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