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Bees: The World’s Pollinators

There are thousands of species of bees in the world. Our favourite, the honey bee, is just one of the estimated 25,000.  It’s not even the cutest, friendliest, or most interesting. Those qualities go to some fascinating creatures you will … Continue reading

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Wild Bees

This sounds like an interesting job. You may have heard that there are about 40,000 species of bees in the world. Most are solitary, some live loosely with familiar neighbours, and a very small number, like the honey bee, are … Continue reading

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A Multi-player Game

How does one get 50 different bee-specialists to work together on a project? Sounds like herding cats, if you ask me. But that’s what agricultural engineer Lucas Garibaldi of Argentina’s National University of Río Negro is doing. The fifty researchers … Continue reading

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