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Is Grocery-Store Honey Safe?

A school chum sent me this: “With everything we hear about honey these days, how do we know how to pick out real honey at the grocery store?” I answered his question and thought I’d share some of my thoughts … Continue reading

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15 Amazing Incredible Uses for Honey!

I came across a list. It’s one of those “7 Amazing Habits of the World’s Most Successful Dogs” sort of lists. But this one is about honey and the title wasn’t written as run-of-the-mill click bait (such as today’s headline … Continue reading

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Packing Honey Combs

With a break in the weather, my kids and I made a trip down to the farm. It is in Vulcan County, aptly named for heat. Vulcan can be really, really hot is the summer. But it is late fall … Continue reading

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Canola – a tasteful upgrade

Canola is in peak bloom here this week. The cultivated oil-seed crop is a phenomenal honey producer. Canadian farmers plant just over 20 million acres of the crop each year. It yields about 100 pounds of honey per acre. If … Continue reading

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Death of a Young Beekeeper

I heard today, rather belatedly, of the death of a young beekeeper. Jason Escapule was only 39. He lived south of us, down in Idaho, where he ran one of the largest round comb honey bee farms in North America. … Continue reading

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Apitherapy Day

On March 30, we usually celebrate World Apitherapy Day at our house by eating fried drone brood seasoned with dandelion pollen and buckwheat honey, while receiving a few intentional bee stings on our finger tips. What a fun day! World … Continue reading

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