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Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Improves its Image

It’s about time. Tisdale, Saskatchewan has finally reformed its town sign and slogan. No longer will it be the Land of Rape & Honey. I thought that they’d go with the Land of Canola & Honey. But Opportunity knocked. The … Continue reading

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Canola: Canada’s Yellow Carpet

Yesterday I wrote about honey that hurries towards granulation. Canola (the honey plant formerly known as rapeseed) is our local example of quick-setting honey. Canola honey is nice:  white and mild with a slight minty flavour. I like it but … Continue reading

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Saving Honey

Brag time.  We just got home from the big Calgary science fair competition. My 13-year-old won three awards. Here’s the kicker: his project was called  Saving Honey with Sound.  His experiment was based on sending ultrasonic energy waves into combs … Continue reading

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A 60-year-old Image Problem

After 60 years, the good people of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, are thinking of changing their slogan from “Land of Rape and Honey” to . . . something else. Well, it’s about time. Every town and village should reconsider logos, symbols, signs, … Continue reading

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Neonicotinoids and western Canada

I am still trying to understand why neonic-otinoids have not been a problem in western Canada. 40% of all seeded crops in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta are canola. And 100% of the seed is treated with neonics. So, at least … Continue reading

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Canola – a tasteful upgrade

Canola is in peak bloom here this week. The cultivated oil-seed crop is a phenomenal honey producer. Canadian farmers plant just over 20 million acres of the crop each year. It yields about 100 pounds of honey per acre. If … Continue reading

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