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Apimondia 2019: Wednesday (And a scandal)

Wednesday at Apimondia was a more relaxed day for me. I ran into several more friends, looked around the city of Montreal, sat at several talks, viewed more posters, tasted more honey in the exhibition hall, and shared an afternoon … Continue reading

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One more thing about Chinese honey. . .

Occasionally, we take honey from the hive too early. It’s bad honey – some beekeepers call it “green”. High in moisture, and maybe not fully enzymatically converted by the bees. Nectar is ‘wet’ – sometimes 90% water and just 10% … Continue reading

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Sometimes They Get Caught (then gently tapped on their knuckles)

This is a piece about someone in the USA who was caught selling tainted honey. This was not his first brush with the law. The same gentleman, Douglas Murphy, was an executive at American Rice, Inc. when the feds found … Continue reading

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Does the FDA Think Honey has ‘Added Sugar’?

I just got off the phone. I was chatting with a buddy who lives in the USA. (I am in western Canada.) He tells me that the FDA is completely revising US label laws. In the near future, Calories will … Continue reading

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Manuka Recall

For years, I’ve been thinking that manuka honey is over-rated. And maybe overpriced, though every beekeeper’s honey should sell at $80/pound retail, as manuka sometimes does.  Why is manuka honey so expensive? It could be partly due to brilliant marketing. … Continue reading

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Is Grocery-Store Honey Safe?

A school chum sent me this: “With everything we hear about honey these days, how do we know how to pick out real honey at the grocery store?” I answered his question and thought I’d share some of my thoughts … Continue reading

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