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When Bees Become Culture

I’m in the central European country of Hungary for a few days. It’s a family visit with no work or particular sightseeing goals. But honey bee culture is everywhere. Perhaps only Utah (“The Beehive State”) and the little alpine nation … Continue reading

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Teaching Bees and Beekeeping

I like to teach. If I could rewind and whitewash my life’s failings, I’d be standing in front of a chalkboard on some small campus right now. That won’t happen. I’m not a professional teacher, but I seldom pass up … Continue reading

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Don’t Step on a Bee Day

Today is Don’t Step on a Bee Day.  See if you can keep it up all week!

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Honey Food Stuff

I was sorting a few pictures and ran across some honey/bee foodie things I thought I’d share. When people find out that you work with bees, you inevitably end up receiving bee gifts. Wasp-shaped butter trays, pollen-encrusted soap bars, stingers … Continue reading

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Ecology 1,2,3

On Friday, I led an ecology program at the local elementary school. My 32 students ranged in age from 6 to 12. They were part of an experimental class where kids in their school could select their interest and indulge … Continue reading

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Buzz the Bee is on Vacation

General Mills is sending Buzz the Bee, their cheerful Honey Nut Cheerios spokesbug, on vacation. Or into hiding. In a campaign bound to raise awareness for the world’s suffering bees, and maybe to inadvertently sell more Cheerios, packages of the … Continue reading

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Teaching Bees

I presented beekeeping to my daughter’s Grade 1 class today. It worked really well. I have two kids at the same elementary school, the older already in Grade 5. So he helped carry in the materials we used, and both … Continue reading

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