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Beekeepers becoming wary of pollination

  Compared to almonds in California, blueberry pollination in British Columbia is small potatoes. But there are some similarities. Commercial beekeepers migrate long distances from cold northern prairies to the mild coast with thousands of colonies. They are paid for … Continue reading

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Bee Rustling Undone

Ever been robbed? I have. It’s a pretty sick feeling when you realize that someone has broken in and taken your stuff.  Imagine how a Montana beekeeper felt when he entered his apiary to work his bees but almost 500 … Continue reading

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Canada’s Hive Beetles

A couple of nights ago, Alberta’s chief apiculturist spoke at our local (Calgary) bee club meeting. Close to 150 people turned out to hear Dr Medhat Nasr give us a recap on the status of Alberta beekeeping and the status … Continue reading

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Almonds, Water, and Bees

February is almond pollination month in California. A couple of nights ago, the CBC aired a story about almonds, water, and bees. They try to cover everyone involved – the consumer who loves the heart-friendly food, the almond grower who … Continue reading

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Bee Spill

Glad I’ve never had one of these. This looks bad. The 460 double-story colonies being carried from south Florida to Maine’s blueberries for pollination were spewed after the driver rolled over on an I-95 exit ramp in Delaware. The 55-year-old … Continue reading

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Dead and Dying

California almond pollination season is finished. And so are many of the bees which made the trip to the west coast to participate in the largest honey bee mosh pit ever in the history of beekeeping. (For those of you … Continue reading

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Deadly Truck Crash

One of the thousands of loads of bees heading south after the summer harvest didn’t make it. On Sunday morning, November 3, a tire blow-out on a tractor-trailer caused this crash in Georgia that killed millions. Of bees, that is. … Continue reading

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