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The Bees are Fine

My favourite line from one of my favourite movies was spoken by Peter Fonda, playing Ulee Jackson in a film about a Florida beekeeper. When Ulee visits his son, who is in prison for robbery, the son asks about the … Continue reading

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How many honey bees are there? A 2019 update.

Originally posted on Adventuresinbeeland's Blog:
A year ago I wrote a post titled ‘How many honey bees are there?‘, after a question on Quora got me intrigued about whether any kind of data exists on worldwide honey bee numbers. Would…

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How to predict the honey flow

This post will be disappointing to anyone hoping for a quick and easy way to predict what the honey flow will bring. There is no substitute for experience. It may take years to gain the knowledge you’ll need because every … Continue reading

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What will August bring?

I had an email last week with a question about beekeeping. I couldn’t answer it. The reader asked, “What can I expect my bees to do in August?” It depends, of course, on where you are keeping bees. In the … Continue reading

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Americans eat four cents of honey every day. Wow.

It’s January. Here in Canada, that’s usually the coldest time of the year. Time to eat some honey.  A healthy, quick energy treat that’s not too bad to feast upon. Especially good mixed with whiskey and lemon juice if you … Continue reading

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Sweet Stats

Yesterday, Stats Canada released honey bee numbers for 2016. Canada now has more colonies ever. That’s  right – more hives of honey bees than ever, in all of our recorded history. Our numbers are now over 750,000 colonies. The last … Continue reading

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Alberta is Beekeeping

Last night, the Calgary and District Beekeepers Association hosted its monthly general meeting. About 150 people showed up. To accommodate the growing membership and big turnout, our club’s president found an affordable and spacious new meeting hall near the Bow … Continue reading

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Bumper Crop

The numbers are in and the prize goes to Alberta. Alberta, a province in western Canada, has once again won the prestigious honey production award. For those of us who learnt beekeeping where 50-pound crops are the norm (in my case, … Continue reading

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