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William Woodley – An Introduction

Originally posted on bhys – now!:
After several years of doing research on William Woodley and trying various mediums to tell his story, I feel video is the best. I have made an introductory video on Mr Woodley, and hopefully…

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Bumble Bees and Free Will

Much is made of a human’s ability to make free choices. It’s an illusion, of course, but if people should be awarded this mysterious power, then why not bees? To bolster this notion of bees and free will, we’ll look … Continue reading

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Elementary Beekeeping

Today is the world’s most famous detective’s birthday. No, not James Bond. Sherlock Holmes, if he ever lived at all, would have been well over 150 years old today. Or, at least, his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be … Continue reading

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A Swarm of Biblical Proportions

The headline reads: Swarm of bees that turned sky over British town black was like “something out of the bible” Biblical. That’s the way frightened victims in the English town of Farnham reportedly reacted when their daily ritual of buying … Continue reading

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80 Years in the Bees

What would it be like to keep bees for 80 years? You could ask 92-year-old George Birks, who started back in the 1920s. The price of a loaf of bread was 9 cents; a pound of sugar was 7 cents; … Continue reading

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