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Psst. Wanna make some money?

Most hobby beekeepers keep bees for fun, not profit.  But almost every beekeeper whom I’ve ever met tells me that, well, it would be nice to hear the cash register jingle once in a while. Bird-watchers or golfers rarely expect … Continue reading

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Saving Honey

Brag time.  We just got home from the big Calgary science fair competition. My 13-year-old won three awards. Here’s the kicker: his project was called  Saving Honey with Sound.  His experiment was based on sending ultrasonic energy waves into combs … Continue reading

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No longer almost free

At a get together with a small group of beekeepers, we all started bugging one of the fellows about the price of his honey. At $10/kilo (less than $5/pound) one lady figured we could do well buying his entire crop … Continue reading

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Bees as a Small Business

A lot of North American beekeepers operate huge operations. These days, 2,000 colonies is about average for a commercial operation. Help is usually imported seasonally and the beekeeper/owner is sometimes a bookkeeper/trucker who has more than a veil and gloves … Continue reading

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The economist’s bees

You can be one of the smartest economists in the world, and still not realize beekeeping is a lousy investment. The celebrated author and public speaker, Gary Shilling, who writes for The New York Times, Forbes, and The Wall Street … Continue reading

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